For maintaining oral hygiene, today there are a lot of different ideas that have been trending all over the world. One should be aware of them and make the best out of it.

5 Oral hygiene tips for healthy white teeth

1. Use of dental floss and a strong toothbrush:

Dental floss, practical invention, miraculous see, allows the gentleman who has a salad leaf wedged between two teeth to feel better in a hand. We stop doing the thick brute by taking our mouth for a plot to plow and we try to go smoothly! Flossing is the best way to damage your gum if you use it badly! The trick is to try to surround your tooth (on the front and backside) and gently go down to eliminate the plate.

The toothbrush or the second version of the thick brute with dental floss. We say it gently. Your mouth is to be handled with delicacy! The toothbrush is the same as the wire. It is not a roller-compressor for your teeth! You are likely to keep them all your life (or almost), so you should take care! The problem with brushing too hard is that you may be causing your gums to recede and can stop the teeth whitening process. So when we approach gums, we go slowly!

2. Tartar, to look on:

You know, that white thing, very hard? This is called “tartar”. It usually gets stuck to the bottom of the backside of the tooth. It is formed here since it is usually the most difficult area of access for the toothbrush and dental floss. Not enough to be alarmed, but when the situation worsens, it is strongly recommended to go to a professional who will take care of you and proceed to the well-known “descaling”.

Saliva is very important, you would not know how much! Because saliva, it helps the elimination of food, so bacteria. In other words, someone who has little saliva is someone who will have to pay attention to his teeth on pain of chopper infections faster than others.

3. The mouth of the child and the importance of brushing your teeth in the morning:
Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases that prevent teeth whitening. To situate yourself, it even surpasses asthma. This statistic is especially relevant for developing countries, but it does not prevent teaching the good reflexes to his child from an early age is to give him every opportunity to avoid falling into the cracks from the net of the wicked witch decay.

You did not eat that night and you brushed your teeth just before going to bed? It will still be ironing the box toothbrush this morning! Because beyond the jackal breath you have, the dental plaques have grown all night in the entirety of your mouth. Dental plaque is bacteria, and bacteria are eliminated with a hand!

4. Good dental hygiene = good food hygiene and the importance of fluoride:

Of course, no mystery, good dental hygiene rhymes with good food hygiene. We forget about snacking, sodas and starchy foods that release acids that give the bacteria in your mouth their strength to settle in, and we focus on dairy products that help mineralize your teeth. You can still wash your teeth 5 times a day: if you eat 10 times, the brushing efficiency is almost zero. You can also pay teeth whitening cost along with different schemes at the nearest dentist.

Fluoride would reduce the chances of having cavities. Indeed, several studies show that in areas of the world where water is fluoridated, the number of people affected by caries is considerably lower. Consumable in water, or medical prescription, fluoride is still to consume in moderation! Any excess is to be avoided!

5. The council and regular consultations:

Nothing will replace the personalized and tailored advice that health professionals can give you. So, the best advice is to see your dentist regularly since it is he who will be able to make a diagnosis and give you the appropriate treatment. In adults, consultations are recommended once a year, while in children, twice a year.

In these ways, you can achieve a good reputation by maintaining oral hygiene.