Fellow health freaks and gym rats , I have some good , more like amazing
news for you. An over-hyped bread has been swarming everywhere on the
internet – known as the “Cloud Bread”. It is literally a carbohydrate free
bread! We all follow strict diets (um …at some point atleast) ensuring no
bread and avoiding extra carbs. However, with this new bread metastasizing
everywhere, you can fortunately eat bread guilt free and yes, no more
worrying about them carbs!
The cloud bread has no gluten , no yeast – apparently none of the ingredients
used to make bread. It just contains three basic ingredients-eggs , cottage
cheese ,cream of tartar, salt and pepper. Thats it ! This recipe has made it
possible to remove breads from the so called banned list of our diet and made
its way all the way to the top. This upcoming 2016 trend is going to spread
worldwide making people nutty over it.
This high in protein bread (because of the eggs) gets its name due to its cloud
shaped appearance and fluffy-spongy texture which makes it irresistible to
eat. I can understand if it makes you skeptical. There are several food trends
which come and go ,but this cloud bread screams legit.
The cottage cheese may be substituted with cream cheese. But , the fat
content increases a lot , not making it a preferable alternative. Comparing the
taste to the normal white bread, it is not the same. So do not be disappointed
if you are expecting an exact replica of it , rather it tastes better. The cloud
bread is definitely a huge advantage for people with gluten intolerance ,
allergy to the usual bread components or with a goal to shed the excess
Another advantage lies in the fact that it can be easily prepared at home
without creating a hole in your pocket. The ingredients are available in every
household and are made in just 15 minutes! So if your new year resolution is
all about fad diets and losing weight – cloud bread comes to your rescue.
You can also add a few optional ingredients such as rosemary or oregano
according to your palatable taste. Recipes with an added sweetener or honey

are also seen – it also depends on your choice. Pair it with lean proteins and
vegetables making it a perfect healthy snack satisfying your bread cravings as
This health craze is gaining love from people worldwide and should so; it is a
great alternative to the traditional bread! It is extremely essential to
remember that a complete cut down of carbohydrates is not the right way to
lose weight. Your brain and muscles requires a certain amount of carbs to
function properly. So maintain a balanced diet with nutrition from all food
sources but moderation is the key here.
My verdict – As far as the substitution to the normal bread goes, definitely
worth trying and including in your diet. It certainly has one downfall that it
does not contain any traces of fibre. So have it with healthy food products and
see yourself enjoying the delicious cloud bread …devoid of all carbs!