Well the novel “Poles Apart” is a good engaging twisted tale of two characters. Love is the purest feeling one could ever have but it takes time to develop and to become stronger. In this book the author has shown a gradual progress of their relationship from strangers to being attracted, then falling in love and finally how they are destined to each other. The story is nicely blended with friendship, sweet talks, emotions, light and romantic moments filled with memories, full of sensual touch, intense feelings which can make anyone to think that way. And lastly, how hard it is to let go of someone who is close to your heart. Also it manifest destined love. So if you want to enjoy the delicate part of love in words and if you feel love is worth for you, then “Poles Apart” is the best read which will excite you to a level of sensual core.

About the Author
Archana Pingley
Archana Pingley is an Engineer who passed MTech in Computer Science and later turned to an author. She was working as an analyst and left the job after having a son. Then she started her career as a teacher when her son started school and taught Computer Science for 11th and 12th Students in CBSE for over 3 years. Later she left her job because of having some medical complication. She used her recovering to period to read stories and novels. And that really helps her to narrate the story and how to develop plots and characters. She started working with the first novel “Poles Apart”.