How long does it take for food to spoil

Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming event, spring cleaning, or getting ready for the holidays, you may have had to throw food away once or twice before. There’s often gray area on how long certain household foods last before they spoil. Depending on how long your leftovers have been sitting in your fridge, it’s helpful to have a system to keep track.

From fruits, to leafy greens, meats, or starches, Kitchen Cabinet Kings outlined a helpful guide that lists how long foods can be stored in your freezer, fridge, or pantry. Reference this chart next time you may be confused on how long those frozen berries have until they no longer taste as delicious. When you do your next grocery store haul, you can even make labels using these timelines to avoid food waste or getting sick from eating rotten foods. Check out their visual below for the breakdown










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