Cavities are easily the most common dental problem among kids and adults alike. Although we brush and floss daily, this may not always ensure healthy teeth. Because there are several other factors that can harm our teeth and lead them to decay. Even if you are regular with your dental hygiene, this will never be a guarantee of total oral health. What you eat, how much basic oral care etiquette you follow and your dental visits, all these also have a role to play in your oral health.  And cavity is a problem you must never ignore else it could lead to premature tooth decay something you would not even think of in your dream.

Here are tips to prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy –

  1. Know your cavity risk level

Not everybody is at equal risk to cavity. In some, the risk levels will be bigger while in others, it will be smaller. Where you stand can be known only through a thorough dental exam as the dentist is always the best person to spot signs of cavities and recommend treatment at an early stage itself. Based on the oral exams, the dentist may ask you to follow a certain diet and change your oral care routine a bit to counter the risks of cavities. Cavities are never a major risk in cases where you’re aware of them at an early stage itself as a timely treatment can help you treat the problem easily and maintain dental health.

  1. Brush regularly and with the right technique

Proper brushing can go a long way in keeping you away from the risk of cavities. If you don’t brush with care, and without using the right technique, it may mean you’re not able to take out plaque and bacteria present in your mouth. This is how plaque is allowed to build up, which then come in contact with the foods and produce acids to erode the enamel and cause cavities. Apart from brushing twice a day, you also have to use a toothbrush with soft bristles, brush in a zigzag manner and reach all parts of the mouth for proper cleaning. And yes, use only a fluoride-containing toothpaste as it is helpful in preventing the risk of cavities.

  1. 3. Reduce the intake of sugary items and acidic drinks

Stop waking up to a hot cup of tea. Chuck the habit if sipping coffee in the morning. Don’t drink acidic juices, fruit juices, soft drinks, fizzy drinks, coals etc as they are extremely harmful to your dental health. Similarly, cut back on the intake of sugary items be it candies, cakes, chocolates, or sweets as they invite bacteria and aid in plaque build up. Sugar is responsible for cavities and if you can’t cut back on its frequency or amount, it’s better to forget about achieving dental health. It possible, drink lots of water on a daily basis as it can help keep away plaque and bacteria from your teeth to reduce the risk of cavities.

  1. Start flossing your teeth

Brushing alone is not going to suffice when the goal is to avoid plaque and bacteria from your mouth. Your bristles are too thick to enter the teeth leaving you with more plaque onto your teeth and gums. This is how you’re eventually led to cavities in the first place. With floss, you can reach between teeth easily, scrub away food residue easily and keep clean your mouth of harmful debris. With daily flossing, you can easily keep the risks of cavities to a great level and this is how your teeth are kept healthy.

  1. Quit smoking

Tobacco is bad for your dental health. It could cause as serious problems as oral cancer. Smokers are often the one most likely to be plagued by stained and discolored teeth with their breath stinking like rot. In fact, using tobacco in any form can harm the mouth, gums and teeth. More so, smokers or tobacco users are more at risks for gum disease, tooth loss. If you want to avoid cavities, quit smoking and rather try to inculcate some good oral habits. It’s bad for that there is a cosmetic dentist manhattan for help even if you don’t quit tobacco.

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