5 Simple Home Remedies for Neck Pain Relief

Home Remedies for Neck Pain Relief

Dealing with neck pain? In the present scenario, it is seen that many people experience neck pain or stiff neck at some point in their life. A stiff neck or neck pain can occur due to a variety of reasons- injury, staring at the computer and phone screens for a long time, day-to-day stress or sit in an incorrect posture.

If you are sick of popping medicines to soothe your neck, try out these simple home remedies to get relief from neck pains.

  1. Do Some Stretches:

Most of us need to work long hours in front of the computer. This can be very exhausting for the neck muscles and can cause tension, weakening of the muscles and neck pain. However, one simple remedy to keep these neck pains at bay is to periodically perform some stretches.

The best thing is you do not need to even get out of your chair to do these stretches. All you have to do is stretch your neck upwards in slow and deliberate movement. Hold this for a few seconds and come back to normal position. Do the same by moving your face to the right and the left side. These simple stretches will allow your neck to get a much-needed stretch after being in the same position for a long period of time.

  1. Hot and Cold Therapy:

Applying a cold pack or a hot pack to your neck can do wonders for neck pains. However, it is important to keep in mind when to apply a hot pack and when to apply an ice pack. In case you have suffered any injury on your neck, it is best to apply an ice pack to soothe the particular area of pain. On the other hand, if you are suffering from a sore neck, neck pain, stiffness or muscle cramps, it is best to apply a hot pack to the affected area to get immediate relief.

  1. Massage Therapy:

What could be more relaxing than a nice, long massage after a long working day? Well, regular massaging of the neck is beneficial not only to relieve the effects of stress, but it also makes you more relaxed and helps improve your posture and flexibility. Wondering how to take out time to visit a massage parlour to get this done? Worry not, luckily there are some simple self-massage techniques that you can do at home to relieve yourself from stiff muscles and neck pain. You can even use a light pain balm while massaging for additional relief.

  1. Hydrate Yourself:

This might sound like a very simple fix, and indeed it is! Often, people can experience neck pains simply because they are not keeping themselves properly hydrated. Hydration can help alleviate the pressure off your spine and also play an important role in maintaining a certain level of spinal alignment. It can even lead to serious health issues, including soreness of muscles, cramps, and neck pains. Most of the times people forget drinking water due to their hectic schedules, so it is advisable to carry a water bottle always to help you remember to drink water.

  1. Regular Exercise:

More often than not, your muscles become sore simply because they are not getting lubricated enough due to lack of movement in the body. Doing simple neck exercises or yoga postures can really help in reducing and even eliminating your neck pains completely.

By following these simple yet useful home remedies, you can start feeling better and even eliminate neck pains from your life forever. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these home remedies right away!

Image and Content Credits: Alyssa Moylan