We all hate pimples and acne don’t we? Acne is like that uninvited guest that decides to pay a visit on our flawless skin day! Just when we think that all our hard work towards achieving a flawless skin has finally paid off, pimples just kill the mood! We all get acne one day or the other and its only good if we know now how to battle with it. Because girls, acne is a war zone!

Before treating acne one should know how serious the problem is. Whether the acne breakout is a reaction of some medicine or just-casual acne caused because of excess oil. Well, if your skin is mostly reddish and has been constantly prone to acne for a long time now, then it’s time to visit a doctor! But if you experience single or double breakouts after a few days, then it can take care of by yourself!

There are thousands of products in the market, which claim to wipe off those acne problems at a go or with continued uses, but we hardly get result sometimes. These products have chemicals in them, some are way too pricey and for some of us they make a different impact altogether. Instead of experimenting on various marketed products why not just walk into the kitchen and get healthy hacks for our everyday problems. The kitchen is the most resourceful place for our skin; let us try these simple home remedies to save us from the horror! But home remedies might take longer to heal the acne as compared to chemical treatments. So give it time to prove its effectiveness.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

We all swear by the benefits of using Aloe Vera Gel. Some of us have even resorted to planting Aloe Vera plants at our houses and chop their leaves and eat them for a healthy cleaned body. But applying aloe vera gel on the skin on a daily basis helps your skin stay hydrated, fights tan, and removes those unwanted pimples.

  • Lemon

Lemon has acidic contents that work very well for the skin. Mix it with some clay pack or besan (gram flour) or just squeeze some drops on the pimples until it runs dry, then wash. Lemon helps to dry out pimples and hence is a quick solution.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing and lessening pain. It works beautifully for the skin too. You can mix chickpea flour and little of turmeric powder as face pack for cleaning the skin off blemishes. For a regular and intense cleansing, add half a tsp of turmeric powder in your milk every day and drink!

  • Essential Oils

 Essential oils make wonders on skin and when talking about acne problems, Tea tree oil, and lavender oil are the ones to go for! Add drops of them in water and spray onto your face or mix them with your regular creams to keep dirty bacteria at bay!

  • Drink lots of water

For treating acne it is very important to form a day and night skin care routine to properly clean and moisturize your skin according to its type. Keeping the skin clean is a preventive measure that reduces the acne problem over time. So go into your kitchen grab these magical things and make yourself happy!