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Getting your makeup right is a struggle. But honestly, YouTube is such a godsend that we often imagine how we survived all this time without it. From learning how to contour using just two shades, to doing incredibly amazing smoky eye, we have seen it all on YouTube and the beauty video bloggers doing it and teaching us. On that note, let us take a look at some of the hottest YouTube Makeup Channels.

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  • Michelle Phan:
    This video blogger started WAY back when most of us weren’t that familiar with the concept of using YouTube to get out makeup routines right. Today, she literally has millions of followers, her very own line called the EM by Michelle Phan as well as her own published book called “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off.”. So far, she has uploaded close to four hundred beauty tutorial videos and has been viewed over a billion times. Suffice to say, her makeup tutorials are on point.
  • Ingrid Nilsen:
    Ingrid Nilsen too started out way early, around the year 2009. Her videos are not just makeup tutorials, but also incredibly motivational and she also talks about life as well as fashion in her channel’s videos. During the year 2014, she became a representative of CoverGirl. From the simple pin-up look to using liquid eyeliner different ways, she has covered it all in her makeup tutorial videos. In 2016, she interviewed none other than President Barack Obama himself.
  • Pixiwoo:
    ThePixiwoo makeup channel comprises of two sisters – Samantha and Nic Chapman. Samantha Chapman is a professional makeup artist that has worked with big names in the industry, and suffice to say, she knows her stuff. The channel not only creates basic makeup looks for the ones who are a little unsteady on their feet, but their channel is famous for recreating makeup looks of famous celebrities. Be sure to check out their famous Angelina Jolie inspired video.
  • Kandee Johnson:
    The best part about the videos that are posted by the makeup artist Kandee Johnson in her YouTube channel is watching her literally transform herself into a number of insanely amazing characters like Jessica Rabbit, Snow White and so on right in front of our eyes. With almost 3 million YouTube online subscribers, Kandee posts a wide range of makeup tutorial videos that are meant for the newbies who are unfamiliar to the world of makeup as well as for the established ones who are looking for the next makeup challenge to conquer. She insists on more colourful and pop makeup products, which is in perfect sync with all of the incredible humor in her videos. She is a must subscribe!
  • Raye Boyce:
    Her YouTube channel called ItsMyRayeRaye, she has almost 2 million YouTube subscribers. Originally she started her channel when people on her Tumblr account asked her to share her makeup and hair techniques. From creating looks that copy Rihanna to doing makeup on a budget, this incredible woman keeps it real all the time.

So there you have it, some of the most incredible beauty channels on YouTube. Make sure to check them out, subscribe to them, but most importantly, try out their neat little tricks, tips and tutorials and see for yourself!

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