Humans in Love 1

Here’s a short and sweet story about Richard and Jennifer, narrated by Jennifer herself. Reading this, we’re sure you’ll reassure yourself of the fact that love indeed, is magical and beautiful!

When I first met him way back in 1973, our lives were nothing like it is today. We are biologists now, but are actually 9th-grade dropouts! Richard was working as a bouncer in the same bar where I worked as a waitress. I needed the money to look after my children, and this job seemed the easiest to me! Richard confesses he had fallen in love with me at the first sight, and had always felt I did not belong in the bar! So one fine day, he mustered up all his courage and asked me out! I was speechless, like “who on earth is this guy?”, but as they say, ‘love finds its way out; there’s no right time or way’. It just had to happen.

He is a guy with a heart of gold, and is so down to earth, it’s hard to find men like him anymore. We started meeting every day, and got engaged in endless chats and conversations, and he would even drop me home at night. One day we expressed our mutual love for science, and he told me I should go back to school! Well, why would I alone? I coaxed him to join me too. But was there any college that would accept dropouts? I had attempted to clear my class 10 twice though, but had failed miserably. But, every cloud has a silver lining.

Soon we got to go to college on probation. Yes, they had accepted us. Richard was like a baby, and it seemed like he knew nothing about school; but I wasn’t going to let him go anywhere. You can say, he was my responsibility (smiles)! Oh and we had got married a day before we took up the course! We were in it, and in everything else, TOGETHER! We worked very hard on our biology degrees. We studied together, did odd jobs together (to support ourselves), took care of my children together, napped together, and ate together!

There’s no one else, who has ever believed in me as much as he did. There were a lot of things I didn’t understand, be it related to my degree, or just the world in general; but Richard always had my back. I don’t think any of this would be possible without him. And of course, I’m responsible for changing his life for the better, too (laughs)! Today we both study bats, rats and many other animals, and also own a private lab.

He says “We are rescue lovers. We helped to pull each other out from the not-so-happening life that we were leading. You’re my dream come true”. What has he changed about me? Well, he has made me more responsible and loving, and a better human being for sure. But he couldn’t change my talkative nature (laughs). I think he likes it secretly!

DISCLAIMER: The image is for representational purposes only and do not represent the real life characters.