Sometimes we fail to recognize the toxic relationships that we are a part of until it is too late. Here is the story of an acid attack victim who lived to survive the abuse:

“I worked as an IT professional in a renowned MNC in Mumbai. My life was pretty much the same, or let’s say, it was robotic. I did not have a lot of friends, maybe just two school buddies! Yes, thanks to my introverted nature. I’d say a few colleagues were fond of me, because they did engage me in their conversations at times, and would ask me to join them for lunch or quick snacks. I guess I liked interacting with them. But amidst all my colleagues, there was this one guy in particular, who literally worked his ass off to woo me!

I wouldn’t deny admitting that he was good looking as hell! The tall, dark and handsome kind. But I did not like his philandering ways. Yes! I wasn’t the only girl he was hitting on (as discussed by my female colleagues when I just sort of overheard them). Also, he wasn’t very good with words and was of an irritable nature. He was hot-headed, and used to get angry at the drop of a hat! I often saw him abusing the watchman. But with me? Oh,  I believed the sugarcoated personality that he displayed How could someone be so fake? I only wondered.

Though I wasn’t in any other relationship, Rakesh was definitely not the person I was looking for, as a companion for life. One night, he sent me gifts and flowers at my residential address, and the note in the bouquet read “I love you”.  I don’t know why, but I felt offended. I immediately returned the gifts with the delivery boy. I called up Rakesh and warned him not to do something like this ever again.

The next day at the office, he came up to me and apologized. I accepted it, and he asked me for coffee. So we went down to the nearest coffee shop and we eventually got engaged in a conversation. He seemed nice to me, but deep down his nature was such, I knew it would never change. It so happened that a waiter passing by me accidentally dropped a cake on my shirt. Rakesh literally beat him up! I was so ashamed, I stormed out of the place! Seeing me leave, he followed me. Trust me, I was scared of him. He offered to drop me home, and I was scared to even say no. I agreed.

After the incident, I maintained my distance with him, and I think he noticed that. He kept calling and messaging me constantly day after day. I would avoid him at the office too. It went on for 2 weeks, and then came the black day of my life. I was just about to leave from work when Rakesh grabbed me by my hand and took me downstairs forcefully. He caught my neck, looked into my eyes, and said to me, he loves me! I replied I didn’t and pushed him back with all my energy. He put his hand inside his pocket, took out a small glass bottle and changed my life forever! He splashed acid all over my face! I felt like somebody has set me on fire! I shouted for help, but there was no one around. Rakesh left, leaving me crying in pain!

After about half an hour, the watchman noticed me and called the ambulance. I was saved, but I’m just not the same anymore. Rakesh is roaming free. I have no evidence against him, and I couldn’t prove him guilty. I don’t know how to forget this, and I’m sure I never will.”

DISCLAIMER: The image is for representational purposes only and does not represent the real-life characters.