When we talk about health issues that haunt women, one of the first words that come to mind is that of breast cancer. In the modern times of maladies and complaints, it is very important for each one of us to be completely aware of the different aspects of our health and the various issues related to it. While some are curable and do not create a long term problem in our system, there are some kinds of maladies that could drain us entirely of our life and might even create permanent and irrevocable damage, resulting at times in death.

One of the most dreaded and most dangerous of such diseases to get us today is the in famous cancer or carcinoma, as it is called medically. The term itself has almost become a sort of nemesis for all of us and is probably the last thing we would want to hear about us or our near and dear ones. Until the last century, this particular disease had not surfaced itself so much prominently and has only become so powerful in the recent times, of course due to a number of reasons starting from our lifestyle, food habits to the UV radiation and our ever-increasing exposure to different chemicals and radiations all through the day.

Fighting breast cancer

Of all the types of cancers that are known to affect the human race so enormously, the most common are skin cancer and the breast cancer, of which the latter is specific to women. Although there are a number of solutions out today for the patients and their family like chemotherapy, radiation and so on, it is always best to avoid the disease or at least detect and get rid of the poison during the very first stages of the development. It is said that almost 1 out of every 8 women today are victims of breast cancer and they are all fighting teeth to teeth for their life. Then there is also the emotional side to it which makes the fight all the more painful but worthy, in the end.

What are the symptoms? Who are most prone?

The symptoms of breast cancer vary from one woman to another. While, for some there may be no symptom at all, for some others there may be variation in the size or shape of the breast, nipple discharges other than milk, pains in the breast region or, most commonly, lump formation in the breast and the underarm and so on. It is generally women in the age group of 35 – 50 years that this breast cancer hits most commonly, although it is also found to be in women above 60.

How to prevent breast cancer?

One of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is to go for regular check-ups and breast cancer screening once you cross the threshold of 30 and all the more so if you have a family history in cancer of any kind. Although this would not stop the disease, it would certainly help in the early detection of the disease which in turn will help in the proper diagnosis and consequently better treatment. Till now, mammography is considered the best possible option for eradicating cancer from a breast and it is therefore very popular. Early detection of breast cancer is therefore best way to fight it.

For more information, check out this comprehensive website- http://www.breastcancer.org/