If you are one of those people who are known as the food connoisseur or having a bit too much of a sweet tooth, it is time to pay attention and gear up for the rest of the weight loss season. Yes, the moment has arrived to take the leash in hand and trot towards a healthy lifestyle.

 This leads us to the most important step which will certainly determine how your journey is going to shape up- your eating habits. We all know the primary rules and yes and no’s about dieting, but sometimes we give in to our cravings and succumb to the temptation. 

 However, losing weight is about patience, focus and will power. It’s about staying determined, regardless of the constant battle between your body and the cravings. When you can take control, when you can make the right decision, why choose the path you might regret over a period of time? Nowadays, you’ll read about diets everywhere-magazines, newspapers, on the internet, trending crash diets posted on social media, celeb-inspired diets, etc. Basically, you end up drowning in this pool of confusion trying to figure out what’s best for you. Since we are here to help you lead the healthiest life possible, we will talk you through the first step towards losing weight.

What does food mean to you?

Do you keep thinking about food all day? Does your mind cling onto food when you are low and mellow? Do you feel you are not in control of your eating behavior and pattern?

 We tend to think anorexia or bulimia are the only serious eating disorders, however binge-eating or emotional eating is another form which is often neglected or not given attention but has equal harmful effects on the body over a long period of time. Is food the answer to dealing with your emotional issues?

 Understanding the triggers will help you stay a step ahead of your urges and binge-eating episodes. When a person resorts to food as a tool for comfort, the underlying causes are pretty deep-rooted.

 Stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and substance abuse are emotional triggers which are directly linked to binge-eating. Social pressure is another factor that fuels emotional eating. Constant remarks and criticism about the person’s body type and weight can lead to low self esteem, loneliness and a drop in confidence.

 Are you dealing with emotional issues and is food your best friend and solace?

Emotional eating tends to become habitual when you anchor to food in times of stress, anxiety and emotional distress. With so much emotional clouding, it becomes difficult for the person to identify the actual problem.

 In many cases, boredom or being lonely can act as of the trigger, making you reach out to food every time. Instantly distract your brain. You could go for a walk, read a book or even call a friend. Keep yourself occupied by taking up your favorite hobby or activity. As soon as you start thinking about something else, the urge to over-eat or binge-eat will pass easily every time.

 It is important to take note that when you have overwhelming feelings or stress regarding a particular issue, try an alternative method to handle the stressful situation such as certain relaxation techniques, massage therapy, meditation or yoga.

 To overcome binge-eating or emotional eating, it is necessary to wash off the underlying emotional problem and proper rectification of eating habits.If you feel you are the only one struggling with binge-eating, you are certainly not alone. The effort to break the cycle of binge-eating can be rocky and turbulent, but do not get demotivated. Binge-eating can be successfully treated and also help you make healthier eating choices.

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