Dear Sasha,

“I lost my parents at a very young age. This loss has left me with an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I feel like I have no one to call my own and this makes me feel incredibly hopeless and depressed.

Will I ever stop feeling like this?”

Dear Friend, 

I am so sorry that you had to go through this mountain of a loss. I can only try to understand what you feel and the depth of your grief. Initially friends and family might be there to support, but generally they eventually move away because they don’t relate to us and our feelings beyond a point, leaving us lonely and depressed.

The positives that happen out of this dreadful situation is that our growth into adulthood isn’t like other people. We become more independent and resilient in the face of several other challenges that life throws at us.

While the grief will probably never fully leave, we must yet make the effort of defining what might give us fulfilment and make us feel that we are living a meaningful life.

While all of us should define our life purpose, it is of critical importance that you do this for yourself. Sitting for meditation that will calm your emotional mind and then think, how would you like to be remembered. The more our life purpose is centred around serving the community, the richer our life is. Apart from this what are the other relationships that you could invest in – romantic relationships, deep friendships etc. Build a strong community of social support systems who you can rely upon emotionally.

The third aspect is completely personal. But believing in a higher power and devoting some time of your day to learning more about it, can feel very empowering.

The grief and the feeling of loss will probably never go away, but these things will give you a reason to smile everyday.

Much love