Reservations Open For Ossiano’s Debut Winter Menu ‘Wanderlust’

Helmed by celebrated Chef Gregoire Berger, the new menu at Dubai’s one Michelin star progressive fine dining restaurant features Jellyfish, Truffle Croque Monsieur and citrus-infused non-alcoholic tequila

As of 1st October 2022, Gregoire Berger releases his debut Winter menu for Ossiano titled Wanderlust. As summer’s departure gives way to warmth from the South of France, diners can join Chef Gregoire on a journey as he leaves Brittany (where the last story ended) on his travels as a young man through Nantes and Bordeaux and into the Pyrenees and beyond. Along the way, diners are invited to retrace the beginning of Chef Gregoire’s professional career through an astonishing culinary journey that relives his most memorable moments and adventures.

Available from 1st October to Spring 2023, the 11-wave Wanderlust will continue to pay homage to the riches of the ocean and coastal land with all ingredients sustainably sourced from the oceans or within 50km of a coastline. In addition, as guests arrive with Chef Gregoire at each location, they are invited to sample an array of seasonal ingredients native to each area, from Brittany’s ripe peaches to Marseille’s fresh red mullet.

One notable moment titled “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone” see’s diners join Chef Gregoire as he spends time with his brother in Brest, who had just returned from the Artic Sea studying plankton and was heartbroken as to the amount of garbage and microplastics found within the ocean life. The story is told through a thoroughly unexpected dish of sweet shrimp-infused Jellyfish on a bed of seawater and dill.

Another notable moment titled “A moment of celebration” invites diners to join Chef Gregoire on his first job picking peaches in the village of Dinan. Each afternoon to escape the hot sun, Chef would join the farmer and his family in the dark, cool kitchen of his beautiful farmhouse to dine on bread, milk and warm sun-ripened peaches. This intimate moment is represented through a memorable dish of foie gras, sour fruits and sweet plum milk bread.

A final firm favourite titled “On the path to nostalgia” allows diners to join Chef on his first job as an apprentice, living with his friends and working long hours in his first kitchen. Late nights gave way to a ritual of grilled cheese sandwiches, representative of freedom and good old times. This moment is embodied through a delicate and decadent truffle croque monsieur; a truly moreish and fulfilling moment in the culinary journey.

In addition to the new menu, as of October this year, Ossiano will join forces with Seafood Souq, a UAE-based digital platform that aims to make seafood trade more efficient, sustainable, transparent and traceable. This will see Ossiano’s menu feature a QR code which enables diners to find out exactly where the seafood on their plates was sourced from.

From October, Ossinao will also continue its series of world-class culinary collaborations including two Michelin star Chef Alex Atala of São Paulo’s acclaimed Brazilian restaurant, D.O.M on 14th and 15th October, as well as celebrated French Chef, Julien Royer in November and Mexico’s Enrique Olvera of Pujol in December.

Located in Atlantis, The Palm and seating just 50 guests per evening, Ossiano is well regarded as one of the country’s most unique and beautiful dining destinations. Taking diners, a world away from the moment of arrival, guests descend into the subterranean dining room, submerging themselves 10 meters to the bottom of one of the world’s largest aquariums. With the unique dining environment as its muse, Ossiano transports guests both visually and sensorially to the depths of the ocean.

Chef Gregoire comments ‘Wanderlust has been many years in the making, with each dish fusing a special moment in my life with fresh and seasonal ingredients to create, what I hope will be, a truly unforgettable culinary journey. Whilst we continue to focus on the best of the ocean, this time diners can expect wild and usual ingredients beyond their expectations, from Jellyfish to plankton, I hope that each dish will blow them away

Reservations for Ossiano’s winter menu Wanderlust are open from 1st October 2022, from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am daily. The Ossiano experience consists of up to 11 waves for AED 1,150. 21+.