‘Prem Patra’ by Kankatala - A love letter to Indian Handloom!

This Valentines, the 78-year-old saree brand celebrated the festival of love with its new collection 

This Season of love, while you celebrate the love of your life, Kankatala – Queen of Sarees, decided to celebrate its love for the Indian Handloom Sarees. After all, Kankatala has dedicated 3 generations to handpicking some of the most marvelous handloom silks for you. For the love of sarees, Kankatala family is thrilled to introduce ‘Prem Patra by Kankatala’ ~ A Love Letter to Indian Handloom. 

‘Prem Patra’ by Kankatala - A love letter to Indian Handloom!

The Collection features mesmerizing weaves where some capture the elements of Bandhani work blended with Banarasi, the lightweight handwoven marvel from Kota, Kanchipurams traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu adorned with Vanasingaram jaal, authentic Banarasis emerging from the Holiest City of Banaras. These one-of-the-kind marvels are not just a piece of fabric, they are a promise by weaver artisans that they have kept preserving their ancestors’ meticulous weaving techniques.

These six yards wonders are sure to win the heart of your lady and will add a touch of grace and elegance to her look for a romantic date or social gathering. The sarees represent the modern Indian women of today who herself brings with her various facets and likes to express her rich cultural heritage with Indian handlooms.

The ‘Prem Patra’ collection is available for the Queens of Kankatala at all Kankatala outlets in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Delhi and brand’s website, www.kankatala.com. You may view the collection at https://www.instagram.com/kankatala_/.

About Kankatala

Established in 1943 by the late Mr. Kankatala Appalaraju, the business has grown to 13 stores in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi, and a flourishing online business. Kankatala has customers who have been loyal supporters through generations, returning to the store for sarees and pavadas for every occasion in the family. 

Kankatala is now a third-generation brand, which is being taken care of by three brothers of the Kankatala family, who run the major affairs of the business. With a sharp awareness of the market and a sensitivity to emerging trends, the brothers have ensured that Kankatala today caters to contemporary saree styles, without compromising the firm roots of tradition, quality, and trust that the brand has been known for since 1943. 

The USP of Kankatala is each and every saree the brand presents to its customers is carefully handpicked by a member of the family, with equal emphasis on quality, weave, design, and fabric. The loyalty of its customers only spurs on to do better, and increase the brand’s responsibility and accountability.