Ice Cream Conococtions by Chef Nandu
Ice Cream Conococtions by Chef Nandu


Ice cream is a frozen dessert, having a luscious taste, a silky velvet Texture made from cream and ice, with added flavours and sweeteners. For This mixture is to get quickly frozen. it is blended continuously in a mixer, so that ice crystals do not form. Then the mixture is kept in the freezer to get thickened. In Some ice cream carrageenan, a gum found in seaweed is added in normal quantity so that it is not sticky and easily edible.

Made with milk and cream it has a lot of calories also because of the sugar content. Ice creams, like most other desserts, are advised to be consumed in moderation. However, even ice lollies and sorbets are considered ice creams even if they have no milk. These days we get Ice Creams for DIAB patients too.

Ice cream was first eaten as early as 500 B.C in Persia. In the Achaemid Empire, an ancient Persian Dynasty, Ice cream was made of ice combined with flavorings. In 400 BC, the Persians invented a special type of ice cream reserved to the royalty during summers.
A local belief is that a Plainfield man named Mr. Sonntag created the sweet dish “after the urgings of patrons to serve something different.” He named it, the “sonntag” after himself, and since Sonntag means Sunday in German, the name was translated to Sunday, and later was spelled sundae.

The inevitable change came and we get a motley of Ice Creams in different shapes, different flavors. Ice creams from every corner of the world create their own concoctions…….Ice Creams are available In Cones, Slices and now the trend is Ice cream cakes and a Baked Alaska that can take you to Heights, a blissful feeling.
Improvisations have reached to the extent of making FRIED ICE CREAMS
Yes, Ice creams can steal any one’s heart.
Enjoy it with SOMEONE YOU LOVE

– Author Chef Nandu



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