Venetian polished plaster nowadays has captured hearts of several homeowners, who would love to give enchanting wall finishes for the interiors of their home. Identified by many terms, like Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino, Coccio Pesto Mortar, or the more prosaic Lime Putty, Venetian plaster is a mixture of beauty and strength. It gives a lovely durable finish which will ignite your senses and keep your home vibrant and energetic round the clock.

How Is Venetian Plaster Different?
When compared to other plasters Venetian polished plasters have added quantities of marble dust and natural lime. This provides Venetian plaster a real marble look. You can use this plaster in both in interior and exterior. It is important to apply it perfectly to get that elegant look.

Benefits of Venetian Plaster
Venetian plasters are gorgeous however it is applied either in polished or textured manner. They are extremely stylish and versatile. You can apply the Venetian polished plaster on any surface. From tiles to dry wall, you can quickly convert a plain surface into a stunning wall finish quickly.

With Venetian plaster, you need not paint your walls for lifetime. This will keep your homes look new life long and all easy to handle. In rainy climates it helps in fighting the mold and stopping its growth.

Since Venetian plaster is made of non-toxic materials, they are environment friendly. The main advantage of Venetian plaster is that it can be used to add extra layers to the wall or as a part of insulating the outer walls.

Types of Venetian Plaster
Most of the venetian polished plasters are coatings or blends. They fall into few techniques that include Scagliola, sgraffito and Marmorino. The Marmorino technique is mostly used in to produce satin, matt and glossy finishes. Scagliola is simulated using marble inlay technique. It was used since 17th century. The most complex and beautiful technique is done using Sgraffito. This technique is used to engrave art into the wall by applying just one colour.

Facts About Venetian Plaster
Venetian polished plaster is used in Italian construction and is an age old technique used by Ancient Rome. When you visit ancient Rome monuments you can witness the Venetian polished plaster is not a fake coating and it is present till date.

Venetian plaster can be applied using only certain tools like trowels and spatulas. In older days Venetian plaster was expensive for this reason, but nowadays due to the advance of technology it is affordable and is being used in all domestic properties.

Like plaster, Venetian plaster also provides isolation for walls of the buildings. In the olden days these plasters were used to fireproof the buildings.

In Roman times, plastering was considered to be a form of art. Around 2000 years ago, the plaster was used to build sculptures. Since Venetian plaster is a soft material, it is easy to manipulate it. You can easily achieve any kind of shape.

Unlike other wall finishes, Venetian polished plaster provides a smooth finish and can be molded into any texture. With the help of this plaster, you can give your house a complete change over that is elegant and durable for years to come. Though it might sound expensive, it is essential that you look for good professional suppliers to help you achieve the finish you require.