A Fascinating Tale of Hardship, Suffering and Triumph Over Adversity Memoirs of a Play-White is a fascinating tale of triumph over adversity.

The book starts with the story of Doris, a “Coloured” girl living in rural South Africa. She has to be savvy on how to provide for the even most basic needs of shelter, food and clean water. She is widowed and has other marriages. She has a daughter named, Louissea. Louissea grows up in apartheid South Africa, and meets adversity everyday. Even the walk to school is long and arduous. She learns many valuable lessons from her mother about the importance of being honest. She wins a raffle and gets to ride in a helicopter. She seems she is always blessed with good fortune. After many years of schooling, Louissea is able to land a job at one of the major banks in South Africa. She is prized for her work ethic and intelligence. She has many adventures, including many pranks by others, in her job. She is able to take a trip to the Far East, while making money on it by bringing back the latest fashions to South Africa. She also attends the first integrated concert in South African history. This book explores how abominable conditions were for “non- Whites” in apartheid South Africa. It explores themes of human suffering, how resilient people can be and the triumph of truth over oppression. This is a must read for anyone interested in a story of personal triumphs, or for anyone interested in South African history.