Let us talk about hair straightening. But before we start, we would like to tell you something really important. Just a teeny-tiny reminder from us. We all know the constant struggle to keep up with curly hair is real. But, whatsoever your hair type-curly, wavy,  or straight, you should know that you are beautiful and gorgeous in your own way. Straight hair is still a huge buzz, more like an obsession for many women. A valid obsession though, especially for women with unruly curly hair who find it hard to manage them every single day. For once, you’d want to leave the house without struggling with a blowdryer, right? (not to mention tiring too)

Coming to your rescue, we are here to explain all the techniques by which you can attain your hair goal of having the perfect poker straight hair.

If you are looking for a permanent method of straightening your hair, then Hair Rebonding (also called Japanese straightening/thermal reconditioning) is the answer.

What is Hair Rebonding?

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment which straightens the hair giving a permanent solution to unmanageable curls. The time taken for rebonding can take anywhere between five to seven hours depending on the length, type, and thickness of your hair.

 Hair rebonding consists of the use of certain chemicals to get the desired look. A cream softener or relaxant is applied on the hair which breaks the hair structure. It is kept for thirty minutes and is then steamed for about 10 to 40 minutes depending upon the hair type and condition.

 A flat iron (ceramic preferably) is used to straighten the hair further and thereafter a neutralizer is applied to it to stabilize and bond the hair structure again.

Cost: Rebonding can cost between ₹3000-₹8000 ($48-$130).


  • Sleek, manageable and polished hair.
  • Results last as long as your hair would take time to regrow.
  • Frizz won’t be an issue anymore.


  • Your hair will be subjected to heat and chemicals throughout the process making it susceptible to dryness.
  • Hair care maintenance is unavoidable. You will have to invest in additional money (and time) once in a while to maintain the look as your natural hair will regrow. Ensure to opt for homemade hair masks and hot oil treatment every week to pamper your tresses.
  • Rebonding is not an at-home procedure. Even though kits are available over the counter, it is advised to go to a reputed salon with well-trained professionals to perform the lengthy technique.
  1. If you are looking for a procedure that wears off in two to four months, then you can opt for Brazilian straightening and Keratin complex hair therapy aka Hair Smoothening.

What is Hair Smoothening?

Hair smoothening is a treatment that smoothens out the surface of the hair without permanently damaging or breaking the bonds.

In Brazilian straightening/blowout, a solution with formaldehyde or a similar chemical structure is applied. The hair is then blowdried and flat-ironed. Whereas in Keratin complex hair treatment, a similar solution along with keratin proteins is used which fills in the gap of the hair cuticle and is known to last longer. The rest of the procedure is the same.

Cost: Depending on the length of your hair, it can range anywhere between ₹4000-₹8000  ($65-$130)


  • Best suited for people with wavy or frizzy straight hair.
  • Makes the hair very manageable, smooth and soft.
  • Compared to rebonding, hair smoothening is less damaging.
  • Cost effective and doesn’t take too much time.


  • Repeated treatments may damage your hair causing dryness and breakage.
  • The results are however temporary (around 4-5 months).
  1. If you want to straighten your hair for a short period of time, then you can go for hair straightening.

 What is hair straightening?

Hair straightening is a styling technique that uses heat from types of equipment (flat-irons) to make the hair appear straighter. Flat-irons are available easily in the market. Depending on its size, the material it is made from and its heating process, it can range from ₹1000 to ₹30,000 ($15 to $500).


  • Instantly changes your look, regardless of your hair-type and adds shine.
  • It does not take up too much time and money. Flatirons(with ceramic plates) are a good option to invest in as they last for up to 4-5 years.
  • Straightening can help you lessen the amount of frizz.


  • Using flat irons repeatedly or in excess will damage your hair over time making it brittle and rough. It can lose its shine and create split-ends.
  • It is mandatory to use thermal protectant fluids prior to straightening, or else, direct heat will damage your hair.
  • And of course, it is temporary. If you get caught in the rains or are out on a humid day, you end up losing the sleek look.

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