High heel hangover

Spent the previous day wearing those gorgeous Prada stilettos you recently bought ? Or a late night clubbing in them Louboutins? Having a shoe fetish myself, there are times when I end up with sore calves and feet paying the price with a guilty pleasure. I’m pretty sure many of you can relate to the issues that tag along with the obsession for stilettos. If you are not an occasional stiletto person, the pain strikes your calves more as the calf muscles undergo a lot of strain and contraction while walking. Nowadays, the internet has a slang for almost every possible thing. So if you are dealing with aches and soreness from wearing high heels the very next day, you are most likely having a High Heel Hangover.

Here are a few quick fixes to reduce and get rid of the pain and swelling for a fast recovery:

Foot baths

Indulge your feet in hot water baths of Epsom salt. Epsom salts works wonders. It is extremely prerequisite for women who wear heels on a daily basis. Along with additional health benefits, Epsom salts are supposed to be used in hot water to soak your feet. It contains Magnesium which is absorbed through the skin and takes your health to a whole new level. It relieves any type of inflammation, swelling and joint pain within minutes by direct action.

Moisturisation is the key

Lather your feet with a good moisturizer after wearing heels. With all that traction , tension and stress your feet are prone to develop callouses and dryness. So to prevent painful blisters and corns, ensure the application of a moisturizer every night by thoroughly massaging it into your feet for ten minutes. The following day you will find your skin to be smoother and supple along with the benefits of reduced swelling and soreness.


Massaging on the affected areas is known to reduce pain and stress from the pressure points of the feet. The ball of the feet experience the maximum pressure especially the Achilles Tendon which under constant tension may get damaged and cause the development of serious complications. It is also recommended to get a proper pedicure done after a day of tottering in heels giving you a sense of relief instantly.

Sneakers? …YES!

Sneakers are an amazing way to de-stress your feet and calves. Wear comfortable and well cushioned sneakers the next day. This shall take the stress a notch down mentally and physically. The aching pain tends to impede the daily activities from being done. So if you are in a fix and need to head out urgently, get into your sneakers instead of flats or slippers.

However, if a tingling sensation, numbness or chronic pain does not go away within two days; it should be considered a red flag. Ignorance is directly proportional to causing more health complications. The more you delay, the more the risk. Rather, go talk to a professional if any discomfort persists.