Being a celebrity isn’t easy folks! With all the shutterbugs following our superstars, anywhere and everywhere, to capture one perfect shot or a candid moment of them, or the media on a quest to grab them for a quick interview (which would eventually spread across social media like wildfire), our poor (no, actually rich) stars cannot afford to not look good, even for a day! With a career that depends heavily on good looks, and an industry that is fast-changing and replaces faces quickly, our favourite celebs, always feel the need to look red-carpet-ready. From undergoing a number of cosmetic surgeries to putting up with the wackiest beauty treatments, celebs go to any extent to look younger and more beautiful. Have a look at the weirdest and creepiest celebrity beauty secrets, which we think even you would like to try, someday!

Bird Poop Facial

Yes, you read that right! Who would have even wondered a bird’s poop would be used as the main ingredient for a facial applied by our favourite celebrities? Well, this hotshot treatment of Japanese origination, and also known as ‘Geisha facial’, is heavily demanded by the celebs. Just so you know, the bird poop is way too expensive, and luxuriant spas worldwide, charge a hefty amount for this, that promises to leave one’s skin feeling silky and soft. Our celebrity love birds, Victoria, and David Beckham have been spotted indulging in this treatment a number of times, that consisted of Nightingale poop, water and rice bran. So what do you think? Eww or Aww?

Synthetic Snake Venom

What has the world come to? Something as dangerous and dreaded like snake venom is also used a beauty treatment now! Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes have reportedly used a snake-venom-based, “muscle shocking” product, called ‘Syn-ake’, which claims to be an alternative to Botox injections. It is supposedly an effective anti-aging treatment. Swiss beauticians believed, just like snake venom paralyzes its victim, so using the venom in beauty therapies could also help the client to relax his/her facial muscles and reduce wrinkles. Well, so it does!

Fish pedicures

‘Cause pumice stones were not enough to remove dead skin from the feet, now fishes have a new duty! A unique formula that has become a sensational pedicure treatment now, requires you to just dip in your tired feet into a bucket of water, and the tiny fishes do the rest, by nibbling across your feet and removing all the dead cells and skin leaving your feet relaxed and happy. Jessica Simpson is an ardent worshipper of the indulging fish pedicure.

These are just a few examples of bizarre treatments undertaken by celebs. In reality,  there are more. How can the world forget Madonna revealing, she used a face cream made out of human placenta, or Demi Moore confessing she used blood-nipping leeches to detoxify? Rings the questions of “what? why?” in our minds. Isn’t it? Well, celebs can go to any length and shell out dollars after dollars, just to remain youthful and maintain that oh-so-beautiful body and skin! So would you also like to try them someday? Someday!

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