If you have never heard of the Non-Government Organization (NGO) called Little Hearts or the Happy Feet Campaign, then it is time that you are introduced to them, and all of the work that they have been doing for the past few years in order to bring basic happiness to children living in slums and underdeveloped regions in our country.

Based in the region of Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, this amazing NGO is completely dedicated to making the lives of poor and impoverished children better through individual efforts.


One of their most recent and widely covered projects is called the “Happy Feet” project or the “Slipper Distribution Campaign” and is an initiative of Dr. Samar Hossain, the founding member of Little Hearts and her friend, colleague and co-founder Neelu Yadav. The sole aim of the project is to raise money in order to provide free footwear for children in the streets of New Delhi and Jaipur.

Dr. Hossain, who is currently doing her MD in the field of Community medicine from the institution NIMS in Jaipur, Rajasthan, got the idea to start this campaign as well as the entire NGO when she saw a couple of poor children running around in the streets without any slippers, while she was out with her friends. This got her thinking that there are a large number of other Government organizations as well as NGOs that provide facilities and amenities like foods and such for the poor, but their feet remain neglected. As a result of this, the children are exposed to a host of virus, bacteria, leading to a number of fatal infections, diseases and so on, and thus was born the idea of “Happy Feet”.

Over the years, a the NGO as well as the Happy Feet Project has been featured in a number of important newspapers as well as news channels like Z News, Dr. Hossain feels that there is even more that they can do. Keeping that in mind, she hopes that after this, she can take it one step further and hope to get all of these children enrolled in government sponsored schools for their basic education.

Currently, the Happy Feet project is being run through the money which is gained from the crowd funding site Milaap, and so far, the organization has managed to provide over 135 children with brand new pair of slippers, so that they do not have to walk during the summer and the rain barefoot.

Though a humble effort on the part of a few dedicated and determined individuals, the entire Happy Feet project is all about love, basic human rights and bringing joy to all of the children. Other passionate members include Qamar Raes and Suraj Saluja, and the entire Happy Feet project involves more than twenty volunteers from all spheres and circles of life. It has started out on a small scale, but slowly and surely, it is spreading to other parts of the country including Kolkata, Mumbai and so on.


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Visit their website- www.littleheartsngo.com

All the information is available on the site.

Image courtesy: Dr.Samar Hossain