Mumbai, June, 2022:  GKB Opticals has been renowned for their high-quality progressive lenses. A leader in the eyewear industry with a legacy spanning over 60 years, over a million loyal customers, and their experience in the field has enabled them to come up with eyewear masterpieces of great precision. The Vision Lounge located in the heart of Mumbai has been carefully designed to accentuate and elevate the eye care and testing experience with precision. Following the legacy, GKB Opticals Vision Lounge – the luxury premium experience store has installed ground-breaking DNEye® Scanner and Biometric Intelligent Glasses™ (B.I.G.) from Rodenstock, Germany. 

While conventional progressive lenses are calculated according to a reduced standard eye model, GKB Opticals is able to achieve significantly more with B.I.G. EXACT™: the DNEye® Scanner by Rodenstock that captures thousands of data points from each eye, which flow directly into the lens production. The lenses are calculated to match each individual eye down to the micrometre. By introducing such ground-breaking AI technology, we strive to provide the perfect vision for all and be a pioneer at crafting high-quality progressive lenses.

The most biometrically precise lenses by GKB Opticals. If you want to experience the unique quality of B.I.G. EXACTTM with your own eyes, make an appointment for an expert consultation at the GKB Vision Lounge, Mumbai.









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