Frankfurt is a city of great diversity. Banks and trade shows on one side, culture and traditions on the other. One thing is certain: The Main metropolis has something for everyone. Street festivals, markets, traditional folk fairs, and open air events happening every year bring together the true spirit of the region. Experience the fun and make memories worth remembering with a list of events in Frankfurt.

· Wäldchestag: 8th June 2019- 11th June 2019.
One of the most unique festivals of Frankfurt is Wäldchestag. Also known as woods day,Wäldchestag is a symbol of how much the citizens of Frankfurt love their city. Head to the city centre to witness the rich culture and history of Frankfurt. Young and old take a day off to celebrate ‘their’ festival.

· Opera square festival: 26th June 2019 – 6th July 2019
This culinary festival held on Frankfurt’s Opera Square is an ode to one of the most beautiful plazas in the Rhine-Main region. The old opera House comes alive with colorful gastronomical delights and diverse performances ranging from pop music to classic jazz.

· Main festival: 2nd August 2019 – 5th August 2019
From August 2 – 5, the entire Rhine Main region comes together for the Main festival that takes place at the Römerberg, the city’s historical center. This folk festival kicks off with live music and wine served from the Fountain of Justice. With children’s carousels, fairground rides, games, tombolas and shooting galleries, display of fireworks, this traditional folk festival attracts children of all ages.

· The Museum Embankment Festival:23rd August 2019- 25th August 2019
The annual Museum Embankment Festival is not only one of Frankfurt’s best-known cultural events; it’s also one of the biggest in Europe. Each August, about 2.5 million visitors descend on the north bank of the Main for a three-day festival of arts and culture. The streets are filled with arts and crafts, music performances, street food and celebrations. Participating museums remain open past their typical hours, and you can purchase a festival pass granting access to all of them.

· Apple wine festival: 9th September 2019 – 18th September 2019
Apple wine has been an integral part of Frankfurt’s culture. Every year, locals and visitors come together to celebrate this popular beverage. The Apple Wine Festival is traditionally accompanied by highly entertaining stage performances. One can choose from a variety of apple wine cocktails served at the trendy booths and village stalls in the region.