With the increased transparency in the lives of people, each day we encounter people who live lavish lives and carry fashion at gunpoint. The Facebook updates, Snapchats, Instagram pictures and the buzz about living a better life keeps us updated with everything new. But while we are still sitting in a chair and browsing through it all, there is always dual feeling inside us. We all want to flaunt those dark lips and glittery eye-shadows but given the surroundings we are in, we feel uncomfortable doing so. The problem is that we are not confident enough!

We do have examples of people who flaunt what they do and don’t care about what others have to say about it. And no matter how much we want to, we find it impossible for ourselves to break those barriers and live the real self. We do shop for those dark lipsticks and bring it home, but rarely (read: NEVER) do we wear it and go out! That little white dress that we so lovingly bought one day is still lying in the wardrobe for the lack of courage. Why? Aren’t we supposed to feel free and livelier than we do? Aren’t we supposed to adore ourselves and make everyone else do so too? The answer is we can! And we shall!

Yes, we are talking about confidence!

When a confident person walks in, he/she brings with him/her a positive vibe which automatically attracts others. And the impact of being confident is so beautiful that one feels more happy and complete! There is no hard and fast rule to being confident. Everyone is born different and they should come into terms with their appearance, behavior, features, living conditions and the habits they have built since long now. There are a few things that can help you become a more confident version of yourself, and trust us, you will be amazed!

Be Confident- Be You!

  • Talk about yourself: Look into the mirror and talk to yourself or may be to others, over phone or coffee and share things that you haven’t about yourself. Rely on a best friend or sister for it, because much of what you are about to say is already known by them, they would appreciate you talking about it and help you still be content.
  • Try new things: Go to new places and have experiences that you have always wanted to do but never could actually. What others say should not be bothering you because you get only one life to do what you want to do!
  • Smile more often: Greet everyone you meet with a smile and use positive words in your conversations. Everyone wants to come back to a person who made them feel nice to talk to.
  • Give up bad habits: Sometimes we stop ourselves from sudden things because of some habits inside us, it’s only time to quit the bad things and choose a good life!
  • Live limitless: Stop getting scared of the words that others are going to point at you. Every girl has her wing and those are meant to be spread and flown with and not to be kept in a cage!
  • Go shopping: Nothing instills confidence into someone more than shopping. Just go buy some pretty dresses, makeup, shoes, scarves or even books and flaunt them with a smile. Wing up the eyeliner and wear high heels and you will know what confidence is! If you are one of those wonderful women who do not need make-up to feel confident, way to go girl!
  • Learn it: If you think that you are lacking somewhere and that is somehow a reason you don’t feel confident about yourself, then go, just learn it! Take up a course, or classes or just you-tube the tutorials and start learning them. Even if you don’t succeed learning them, you will learn something at least.

A confident woman is a definition of beauty and perspective, she can change mindsets and the world. And it’s not hard to be a woman you have always wanted to be! Just remember to wear your wings right!

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