Why do you bruise easily?

Sometimes, you end up in wonderland curious to know how you got the blues and blacks. And even after walking down the memory lane a day before, you just cannot seem to figure out the answer to that. Bruises are pretty common-certainly happens every now and then (especially if you are a klutz like me), but if the slightest poke or touch ends up in bruises, you might need to get it checked out. A few possible explanations can give you an idea of what might be the root cause of why you bruise easily:

  • Too many candles on your cake

When you get older, your body tends to undergo many changes. As you age, you might notice the appearance of fine lines, red spots, dryness and wrinkles.The change in its texture results in the loss of its firmness and a drop in the collagen formation making the skin thinner. Hence,you bruise more.

  • You are dealing with health issues

Certain underlying conditions could be a reason for the bruising to recur such as Purpuric Dermatosis. This condition is quite rare and appears as tiny red and purple dots due to the efflux of blood from the capillaries. It mostly occurs on the tibia(shin) and is known to affect elderly people. Leukemia and hemophilia are also blood disorders which could contribute to bruising as the ability of blood clotting reduces significantly in such cases. Visit a doctor if you find bruises more a centimeter wide along with other symptoms such as nose bleeds, gum bleeding or heavy menstrual cycles.

  • When was the last time you had lemonade?

The lack of vitamin-C hinders with the process of synthesis of collagen which maintains the structural integrity of the skin and blood vessels.The blood vessels thus are prone to rupturing even with the slightest touch or fall. Make sure to increase the intake of vitamin-C to a recommended dose of 200 mg per day.

  • Medications could be to blame

There are particular medications such as steroids, anti-platelet medicines, oral contraceptives and blood thinning agents which are known to hamper with the blood clotting process. Any trauma results in the leaking of blood from the teeny-tiny capillaries for a longer time frame comparatively.

  • Too much sunshine

As important vitamin-D is for the body, spending a lot of time in the sun can lead to complications. The blood vessels have a tendency to become weak and thin after getting exposed to long hours of ultraviolet radiation. This damaging effect of the sun to the underlying structures is especially observed in elderly people which increases the incidence of bruising. Remember to always apply a sunscreen with a high SPF.

  • Runs in the family

If your mother or grandparents have a similar condition, there is a likelihood of you being passed on the same. Many studies reveal that women are more prone to bruising as compared to men. This easy bruising or contusions may sound worrisome to you, but do not pose any serious threat. Warm compresses for twenty minutes can help the blood clot to dissolve  and be absorbed by the skin. However, it is essential to get yourself checked up a professional to rule out any blood and platelet disorders.

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