The Secret to the Beauty of Piggy Chops

From singing to acting in all kinds of roles, Priyanka Chopra has done it all. We love her perfect body as well as her glamorous personality. She has charmed us right from Dostana to Bajirao Mastani. Yes we are talking about none other than the sensational Piggy Chops! Not only men but women too have girl crushes upon her and why not? She is the epitome of feminine grace and beauty with a hugely impressive personality. But how does she manage all that? She surely isn’t a magician. Glamour comes from how you carry yourself and how well you maintain yourself. Here are some Priyanka Chopra beauty secrets which make her who she is.

The secret behind Priyanka’s her lovely tresses

We have seen Priyanka Chopra sporting a lot of hairstyles. From cute curls to straightened hair she has carried off anything and everything. You must be wondering how she takes care of her tresses being in such a demanding profession. Priyanka says that hot oil massage is her key to good hair. She believes that hot oil massage thrice a week makes her hair strong and healthy and prevents hair damage. It really takes care of the hair and repairs it after so many styling products that are used in the glamour world.

Priyanka Chopra’s flawless skin!

Makeup can make someone look good but to be glamorous you need a naturally glowing skin. Real glamour comes from within and that is just what Priyanka Chopra has. The secret behind her flawless wheatish skin is daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The three beauty steps are essential for everyone. You need to get your skin cleaned of dirt, oil and dead skin cells and also tone and moisturize the skin properly to have naturally glowing skin. Along with it she sticks to a healthy routine of consuming plenty of water daily to stay hydrated, flush out toxins and have a naturally healthy skin.

The picture perfect figure

The aspect where Priyanka Chopra excels like nobody else is her perfect figure. She is neither emaciated nor flabby. She has the most perfect body imaginable and we just cannot point out any flaw. She sticks to her fitness regime and a healthy diet to achieve that figure which can make anybody jealous. No wonder she carries off everything from the gown to the shorts with élan. Priyanka exercises daily to maintain her good shape. She is not someone who can be called a gym freak but she does what her body needs to stay in shape. Her exercises plans are simple and effective to keep her figure in perfect proportion. She is not one who avoids food to stay thin. Priyanka has often stated about her love for food but being conscious about her health and figure she keeps away from fatty stuff and deep fried foods. Instead she indulges heavily on steamed dishes and stays naturally fit by including fruits and vegetables in her diet.

Makeup tips

Priyanka is brand conscious when it comes to her makeup and no wonder she looks flawless and natural even when made up. She generally uses MAC and Nars for her makeup. The line of products from these brands gives her a glowing look. But she also believes in moisturizing her skin daily to look pleasant and glamorous which is necessary even if you are applying makeup.


Image Credits:”Debby Wong/”