Every person has an inspiration. A role model to look upto.  A light that completely axes away your problems from darkness. My light and inspiration happens to be my mum. Undeniably, she is the most important person to me. If there is anyone who has always believed in me, stood by me through every choice I have made and helped me out from drowning situations , it is my mum.

When I started living on my own, that’s when things came into perspective. That’s when I realized how important the little things she does for me makes such a huge difference, now that I stay away from home. I have always looked up to her and as the years go by, as I deal with every situation on my own, I feel so immensely blessed to have her by my side. For being a true definition of a best friend and a guide.

The most beautiful thing about her is that she seeks positivity from every situation and person without a speck of bias. I strive to be positive but honestly, she is the most positive person I have ever come across in my life. A forgiving and compassionate person is what you can call her, someone who thinks straight from her heart without a shadow or peak of darkness in her and a supremely infectious laugh that just resonates happiness in it’s purest form.

I have always seen her face every possible difficulty with so much resilience. She has taught me to be a strong woman, to be the bigger person and face challenges with stoicism. She is an embodiment of true love, care, with a moral compass that never tips, and now as I begin to build my own life, I couldn’t be as inspired and confident as I am today without her guidance and unconditional love, knowing she has influenced me in her own beautiful way and always will.

I love you mum, you will always be my SUPERHERO.