Stiletto Nails: Do You ‘Really’ Want It?

Stiletto Nails: Do You ‘Really’ Want It?

Are you one of those, who follow a thousand nail artists on Instagram, or have subscribed to innumerable nail art videos on YouTube? Ah! This article is for you! Who would have thought those tiny little part of our bodies (read, nails) could serve as canvasses for such beautiful art and decorations and ultimately serve as a platform to showcase the talent of artists/painters! There are so many things that can be done to your nails. You can shape them into a square, oval, almond, or a coffin; you can paint them in unique designs and showcase your drawing skills; you can also get a French manicure done to polish your nails as well as calm your hands and bask in relaxation.

So what is the current trend in the nail-world? Oh, the ‘Stiletto Nails’! Stiletto, as the name suggests, means ‘pointed’, and yes, this exactly means your nails are shaped to give a pointed look. Sometimes, it looks chic, but if the art goes wrong, it seems as if you’re a ghost, straight out of a horror movie! Even our favourite celebs have been captured sporting their rock-chic stiletto nails including Beyonce, Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc. to name a few. STILETTO NAILS EDITED FOR TDB1

After seeing this celeb trend, you might want to try the ‘stiletto nails’ at least once.


However, you must remember that though they look attractive and easy to get, there are a number of cons attached to it. Below is a list pointing few of them:

  1. The pointed nails can easily hurt others or you yourself.
  2. It creates a lot of difficulties when eating.
  3. It becomes hard to lift up even small things like coins.
  4. Removing your contact lens with these nails may turn out to be a nightmare!
  5. You face difficulty while typing.
  6. It feels so fragile, you will always fear that it may break anytime.

“The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails”. Sure! But before you book an appointment at your nearest salon, to get the rocking stiletto nails done, make sure you’re ready to face the hardships that come hand-in-hand. All the best!

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