Master Showman Don Fuego Unlocks The Doors To Dubai’s Newest South American Hotspot En Fuego


Located at the leading entertainment destination, Atlantis, The Palm, the house of En Fuego promises social dining with a difference, complete with immersive high-octane performances and live music, paired with colourful costumes and mouth-watering culinary experiences.

9 December 2022: On Friday 9th December, Atlantis, The Palm, conceptual partners, Solutions Leisure Group and the Master Showman, Don Fuego, will unlock the doors to Dubai’s newest South American social dining extravaganza. En Fuego, which translates to on fire in Spanish, promises diners an exhilarating and authentic South American experience, full of endless surprises, upon every visit.

Taking entertainment to new heights, the destination is an entity of energy, bringing the unexpected with fire performers, aerial hoop artists, an energetic tango duo and gravity-defying aerial acrobats. From musicians and dancers, to singing hosts and an enchanting family of characters, the team of performers emit the heartbeat of South American culture, captivating guests from arrival, through to their next visit.

As guests step foot inside Don Fuego’s house of En Fuego, they will be greeted with a bracelet, officially welcoming them into his family. Shortly after entering, don’t be surprised by a little mischief from Tiki-lla the golden butterfly or the energetic sounds of the Mexican mariachi band, the Fuego Trio. Make way for Madame Rosa, the scarlet songstress, who serenades guests with endearing vocals, as the Matadora and the Bull show off authentic Argentinian tango. Guests can samba the night away with the sizzling samba duo, the Firebirds, and the Fire Gypsy, whilst keeping their eyes peeled for the nimble Red Hot Chili acrobat and Don Fuego’s personal trickster, the Jazzy Jester. A night at En Fuego is one full of surprise, wonder and delight for the whole family to enjoy.

Echoing the continent’s renowned fervent enjoyment of life and penchant for a party, En Fuego delivers a multi-sensory-driven, all-encompassing destination that breathes new life into the social dining definition. The new age dining concept captivates guests with bright colours, electrifying acts, ceilings featuring hundreds of objects and distinct pieces, transporting them to countries that they have never been before.

Helmed by Columbian native Chef Daniel García, En Fuego’s vibrant menu captures the essence that exudes from South America and is guided by García’s vision to showcase Latin America’s most loved dishes, including the continent’s unique techniques and rich history. Beyond the food diners can discover a perfectly paired beverage menu created by the restaurant’s Bar Manager, Sandor Sigler. Those who have gluten intolerance are bound to make a repeat visit given that the menu is 90 per cent gluten free.

The star of the menu, which was voted no.1 by the friendly staff at En Fuego, is the Grilled Celeriac. This captivating, vegan-friendly dish, features grilled celeriac placed on a bed of green pistachio Mole (pronounced MOH-lay), topped with a traditional Mexican Macha salsa sauce. This moreish dish has creamy, crunchy, and silky textures that embodies citrus, fresh flavours.

Those with an appetite for a fresh ceviche must try En Fuego’s Scallop Ceviche. This traditional Peruvian seafood dish has been infused with the flavours of Columbia; tossed in a creamy coconut milk sauce, the scallops are then paired with the tangy, sweet flavours of green mango and lime. To enhance the South American experience, diners are recommended to pair this ceviche with a glass of Chichimurada, a Peruvian mocktail, made from boiled corn, spices, and fruits. Another menu option that perfectly demonstrates the fused cuisines is the Patagonian Shrimp Tiradito. This Argentinian delight is coupled with a unique Mexican corn sauce, Huitlacoche (pronounced whee-tla-KO-cheh) which is known as corn mushroom or Mexican truffle, which grows at random on organic corn.

Meat aficionados will be in for a real treat with the “Asador” rotisserie and Don Fuego’s Grill; from the Golden Butterfly’s Corn Fed Chicken, which is prepared over five days, to the grass fed Sirloin which is infused in a marinade for three to four days, the mouth-watering meat mains are a must-try. The succulent steak is cooked on the Josper grill giving the meat a distinct smoky aroma and is then served up on a ‘Cow-grill’ plate – a makeshift grill which imitates the traditional way of cooking steak in the continent. This South American classic is accompanied by three different sauces, a mix of Mexican green sauce, red salsa, and Argentinian chimichurri, and completed with a selection of Columbian potatoes.

Unique to En Fuego is the first-of-its-kind installation; the Guacamole Altar, where guests can preach to the ‘green gold’. Taking inspiration from a traditional sushi counter, this concept showcases the different takes on the avocado mixture, from ‘Rock Out With Your Guac Out’ which is topped with roasted corn, cotija cheese and sour cream, to the ‘Smoking Guac’ which is mixed with smoked avocado, fresh coriander, and roast poblano pepper.

For those looking to enjoy one of En Fuego’s theatrical beverages in style, can take a seat at the showstopping carousel tequila bar. Just like the food menu, the En Fuego team have curated a selection of delectable cocktails and mocktails that celebrate the spirit of South America. The main ingredients seen in En Fuego’s South American drinks include guava, passion fruit, tamarillo, tamarind and even the morita chili – frequently used to infuse cocktails with an organic smoky flavour.

Storytelling is set over four indoor and outdoor spaces—which carries patrons from a vibrant heritage-inspired interior to a lush and tropical covered terrace— En Fuego’s interior is the brainchild of a creative synergy of Solutions Leisure Group and Bishop Design by Paul Bishop; an international, multi-award-winning interior design firm based in Dubai and Miami. Designed to immerse guests in a sensorial journey through South America, the restaurant’s striking interiors are a visual feast of hundreds of authentic art pieces, artifacts, and antiques collected throughout the continent, each bringing its unique story and soul to the venue.

En Fuego opens at Atlantis, The Palm, on Friday 9th December. Visit @enfuegodubai for more details or to make a reservation, log onto or call + 971 4 426 0750.