Not a fan of exhausting gym sessions? Don’t you worry about it. Alternatives to the gym actually provide more fun! Just because someone told you that no one can get fit unless they go to the gym, it doesn’t mean you should take them seriously. In fact, you can achieve even greater results if you find the exact kind of physical activity that matches your personality.

Here’s how you can achieve impressive results enjoying different kinds of activities alone or in a group.

Keep dancing in your room

You’ve probably already mastered some basic dance moves in your room. Don’t be shy – we all love to dance when nobody’s watching. But, dancing can actually help you to tone and sculpt your body to perfection, especially your midsection and legs. After all, scientific research provided evidence that dancing helps people get fit and live longer.

Jog early in the morning

Jogging at a slow pace early in the morning will not only strengthen your leg muscles but it will also improve your immune system and trigger the release of endorphins. This also means you’ll be happier for the rest of the day. All you need is a pair of quality running shoes to support your ankles while you jog.

Put your feet on a skateboard

If you are willing to try something new, ask a young skateboarder from your neighborhood to recommend you some of the best cruiser skateboards out there. Skateboarding develops balance, flexibility, and coordination. Also, you’ll finally strengthen your glutes and abs. Moreover, spending time on the street will probably result in new friendships.

Walk through grassy fields

Hiking means fun. In fact, it’s hard to think of a better way to spend time in nature. Walking through grassy fields and climbing hills while the sun is shining guarantees that your day will be well spent. Not only will you inhale significantly fresher air, but you will also strengthen your bond with nature. Many benefits of hiking include the reduced possibility of a stroke, improved sleep quality, and a stronger body.

Compete with your friends

If you want to do some pull-ups, push-ups, crunches and squats, suggest your friends competing with each other in nature. As an added incentive, you can collect money for the winner of the month, or provide them some other kind of monthly awards. Improvised sports events for your squad will develop your sense of discipline and put your inner competitor on a test.

Exercise at home

Having some essential pieces of gym equipment will speed up the process of getting lean. You can do push-ups and isometric straight-leg holds using parallettes. Abs roller is amazingly effective when it comes to getting a shredded six-pack. A jump-rope workout will burn your body fat. An exercise mat will support your back while you do crunches. None of these requires outstanding financial investment, does it? For the full effect, have your favorite playlists ready for every workout.

Play tennis

Wearing white is for Wimbledon. Put on your favorite workout apparel, take a tennis racquet and a pack of tennis balls, and find the closest court to play some tennis with your friends.Depending on your favorite surface, you can choose to play on grass, clay, or hard courts. If there are three of you, someone can always be an umpire to decide whether the balls are in or out. Then you can rotate and essentially have a fun day hitting forehands and backhands. Playing tennis is essentially a total body strength workout. In addition, tennis leads to improved focus and better coordination.

Needless to say, the list certainly doesn’t end here. Take some time to clear your thoughts before deciding which activity to choose. Of course, you should take a few other factors into consideration, too, such as your free time, available exercise equipment, and your current fitness level. Be careful if you are a fitness newbie because over-training can lead to exhaustion and tiredness. Pick the most suitable of our suggestions, and have fun!


Scarlet Gratton

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